Uber for Real Estate Connects Agents and Buyers in Real-Time


The tech driven Nicosia real estate agency has always had the mission to change the process people buy and sell real estate; to keep the transaction quick, easy and on-demand.

Their new toy is an uber- style app that instantly alerts you about nearby properties that match your criteria and connects you with an uber- like agent, to view properties on- demand and blow the competition away. 

A New milestone for M.Residence and the whole industry. Real Estate is getting digital and on Demand.

It’s here and it will digitalize the traditional process as we knew it.

The M. Residence Now App gives consumers the ability to receive alerts when new homes hit the market near wherever they happen to be and view properties instantly. When users pass near a house that meets their saved search- criteria, the App sends them push notification alerts. Then, the user can instantly request a pick-up service in real time in uber- style by a qualified real estate agent or meet the agent at the property.

The App uses machine learning tech to forecast user demand, allowing the nearest agent to offer up instant viewings and complete flexibility in changing locations.

‘’Our technology is definitely a big one. We’ve invested a lot of time and money to develop our own tech. We had a team of 4 developers working around the clock over the last 3 years, constantly improving the technology, the algorithm, the features, the functionality e.t.c

The app is helping solve a significant pain point for buyers who are trying to set up a viewing with agents. M.Residence is far-surpassing the industry average response time of 24 hours, bringing it down to less than 15 minutes.

People say real estate is all about location, but M.Residence knows timing is just as important. The real estate process is slow and Inefficient. The goal is a response within 15 minutes. Users of the M.Residence Now app can also request to schedule in the future at their convenience. 

How does the Uber for R.E work?

For buyers scheduling a showing in the future, M.Residence Now makes the appointment available one hour prior so that proximate agents can snap it up. There is also the option for plots and under-construction properties to view them NOW instantly.

  1. Set up your Criteria or explore nearby properties according to your preferences.  
  2. Get instant alerts when you enter the property’s geofence area.
  3.    Request an instant Viewing from a qualified uber-style agent: Buyers can get in the door of a property within minutes of requesting a viewing with the help of an agent.
  4. Track in Real Time your agents’ location
  5. Make instant offers on the move. This feature allows agents and buyers to easily negotiate the bullet-point elements of a deal before writing a formal offer.
  6. Rate your experience so we can improve the industry.

Agents will be alerted to the request and the nearest agent will respond. They can choose to accept or reject the request. If declined, the next nearby agent will get the request.

It’s the Uber of Real Estate, connecting buyers and sellers instantly in order to speed up and streamline the real estate process.

You can view more information on www.mresidencenow.com and download the App Today.

Until Next Time,