The Power of Black and White!! W. F. F.

Nov 5, 2018

M.Residence goes 'Black and White' in new digital advertising campaign.

Welcome to the world of Black and White. M. Residence's new tagline is , " Black and White is ‘’Winning, Fast, Fabulous W.F.F ''.  Agents of M.Residence play a critical role in helping their clients make some of the biggest, most exciting changes in their lives using elements of our service, technology and passion. 

To develop the new tagline, we looked inward. We asked ourselves, "who are we as a brand?" and "who do we want to be?"  It was a great way to tell our brand story. It was an expression of our value proposition as well as our culture. The Black and White represents the power of our brand, people and team. Winning, Fast and Fabulous is in our DNA. We began as a New Trend and shortly after, we disrupted the entire industry forcing it to adapt and elevate to new standards.

Working with our customers represents so much more than just a transaction. In so many ways, we are "Agents of Change" a new trend in Real Estate; this is M. Residence's brand philosophy. A full service of modern real estate agency that leverage the latest technology to serve clients by approaching everything differently.

We have helped many families and individuals to begin their next chapter. Because for us, real estate is not about a single transaction; it is the beginning of an awesome journey and a lifelong friendship. 

If you’d like to learn about the power of Black and White, let's talk real estate over a coffee.

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