Seller Myths

Apr 25, 2018

Selling a property is a full-time job and through our experience, we've heard and seen it all. The four most common seller myths are as follows:

I can list and sell it by myself

Upload some pictures and put the property online. Really? You cannot just take some pictures and put them online. It’s important to hire a qualified real estate agent through the process, in order to achieve the maximum price through marketing, strategic position and negotiations. You cannot go to the court without a lawyer.

I don’t need an Agent

Selling a property may not seem like an Art. For professional real estate agents, however, it is a full time process and is being treated as an Art. We will help you estimate the selling price, list the property, market it, show it, negotiate, do the paper work, estimate tax and achieve the highest price in your schedule timeframe. A qualified agent has the skills, the time, the power, and the knowledge to help you from A to Z.

I will use the Agent with the lowest Commission

The standard commission is 3-5%, but there are many agents who accept less. How the agent negotiates their commission is a reflection of how the agent will negotiate your property on your behalf. Many sellers actually question what an agent does to get a full commission. ‘’You only show the property for 5 minutes’’.  Choose the agent based on quality and past achievements, not on the agent’s fees charge.

I know what my property is worth

I know my property is worth X amount. I heard that my property is worth X amount. My neighbor is asking X amount for similar property. Before the Crisis my property was worth X amount. Before 5 years ago we had been given an offer for X amount. I have valuation report 3 years ago for X amount. The Government’s valuation was X amount. Really? Please sit down with your #ModernAgent and ask them to provide you updated, comparable data for your neighborhood, so you can have a clear picture about your property’s value. Your property value is one thing, marketability of your property is another thing.

There are many decisions you need to make as a seller. It’s the real estate agent’s job to give you the space, freedom and certainty to continue living your life while selling your home.

Until Next Time,

M.Residence Team




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