M. Residence Market Intelligence is the Next Generation Real Estate Tool

Dec 14, 2016

A Revolution in Real Estate! M. Residence is excited to introduce Market intelligence, a tool that presents the most up-to date residential activity from a 3 years of transaction history. No need for market reports any more. Access real estate data instantly in your fingerprints, when and where you want it. Select your area of interest among 29 areas in Nicosia.

Buyers and sellers are now in a much different position that they were yesterday, able to access detailed property records on their smartphones. This powerful tool provides a moving picture of the market, so that consumers can make better, and more informed decisions about their real estate transactions.

Market intelligence serves up yearly statistics on active and sold listings, including average listing prices, average sold prices, property type prices, year-over year price changes e.t.c

M. Residence agents are now in a position to provide sophisticated property and analysis data to their clients, positioning them as a true market experts.

This is the modern new way, the next big thing, to understand the real estate market, area-by-area and type -by-type, giving you trend and valuation data at a level unmatched by other tools. Click here to power your search with valuable data.

M. Residence Brand: Delivers The World of Tomorrow’s Real Estate Today!!


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