M.Residence launches an App for the Smartphone Era


As the world around us becomes more connected, instant and on demand, it’s time for the real estate industry to be disrupted. Committed to our mission, we are dedicated to improve the process people buy and sell real estate and make it more digital, tech-driven and on-demand.

The frustrating process of calls, emails, viewing confirmation, delays in responding, agent availability, lack of a rating system, making an offer and counteroffer is now a thing of the past.

After 4 years of back and forth brainstorming we have accelerated the future and innovated the M. Residence NOW App for the smartphone era.

The first ever on-demand geolocation app, that alerts you about nearby properties that match your criteria and connects you with an Uber -like agent, when you are physically around the property’s location area.  

What if a buyer looking for a property doesn’t have to do anything, beyond choosing what features they wanted like bedrooms, price, bathrooms, location and then saving these criteria?

Then imagine as you walk in your favorite neighborhood looking for your perfect 2 bed flat, you receive a push notification for a property that matches your criteria just meters away from your location! Then, with a tap of a button you request an instant viewing from an uber-style agent, track his position, rate your experience and hopefully make an instant offer!

Welcome to the Future of Real Estate! Experience the new era of on -demand viewings in uber style.

Say Goodbye to ‘’For Sale’’ signs, emails, calls and newspapers!

So How does Uber for R.E work?

A user downloads the app and searches for nearby properties or set up their criteria to receive custom notifications when they are physically enter the property’s geofence area. Then, they select date and time to view that property and the nearby available agent has 8 minutes to accept or decline the request for a viewing.

The agent and user can meet at the property or the user can select a pick-up service from an uber- like agent.

You can track the agent’s location 30 min before the viewing, so that you never have to wait for an agent again.

Start the viewing and make an instant offer on the move. Rate your experience to raise the bar and increase credibility. Everything instantly. Right time, right place, right notifications.

Say Hello to Instant Geolocation, Instant Viewings, Instant Tracking, Instant Offers and Instant Rating. The New Language of Real Estate.

As technology continues to evolve M. Residence Now is a game changing App shaking up the status quo of an outdated process.

It’s A Move Towards the i-Buyers Movement, a new i-Marketplace.

Connecting buyers and sellers instantly in order to speed up and streamline the real estate process and make it seamless and more intelligent. 

It’s the Uber of Real Estate, Connecting Agents and House-Hunters in Real-Time.

From retail stores to Amazon. From gyms to online classes.

From traditional Agencies to M.Residence.

We are Accelerating the Future of Real Estate.

You can view more information at www.mresidencenow.com and download the App today.

Until Next Time,