M.Residence is Dominating on the On-Demand Digital Game


What’s the next big thing for M.Residence? This is a milestone for the industry.

If you are here then it means you heard our big news! From this moment on, nothing will be the same for real estate.

A tech-driven real estate experience that reinvents real estate through technology and elevates the experience! We ‘re Rewriting the Rules! 

It was always our commitment to provide more to elevate real estate and to give you the tools that will enhance your experience.

After 4 years of brainstorming and a back and forth, design and development process, we are very proud to announce our new App based on geofencing tech and on - demand service. A new App from the technology-focused Nicosia Agency.


Calling all early birds and night owls! Our tech app enables M Residence users to instantly book viewings on properties and negotiate and submit offers at whatever time fits their schedule. 

An uber style app that now give consumers the ability to receive real time alerts when new homes hit the market near wherever they happen to be.

By selecting their criteria, users get notified when a home that meets their search criteria hits the market meters away from where they are.

An App that was inspired by Uber, with a viewing- on- demand feature, that works with location-based alerts generated at the right time and right location.

The M.Residence platform sets up a geofenced virtual perimeter around new listings, and when users, who have the location-alert feature engaged, pass near a house that meets their search criteria, the app sends them an alert. Then, the user can request a pick-up service from an uber style agent, make an instant offer and rate their experience all from the App.

The new App from M.Residence promises to bring Uber-like speed and convenience to buyers, connecting them instantly with nearby agents.

By focusing on creating our own technology, combined with the power of our platforms, we are well on our way to creating the home-buying experience of the future and eliminating friction and stress for consumers.

We speak the new language of real estate, the language of impressions, conversions, online geo-targeting, on demand and digital space.

The New language of Instant Geolocation, Instant Viewings,  Instant Tracking,  Instant Offers and Instant Rating.

We are Rewriting the rules and creating inventions that customers love and resetting their expectations for what normal should be.

You can view more information here www.mresidencenow.com and download the App Today. 

Until Next Time,