Happy 3rd Year Anniversary

Dec 29, 2018

Dear Friends,

We couldn’t have asked for a better year and we thank all our clients and friends who made it possible.
When we founded M.Residence 3 years ago, we knew it was going to be something special, but we could not have anticipated being where we are today. M. Residence has exploded into a magnetic brand and has re-invented how a real estate agency must look like in the new era of Digital Transformation.

M.Residence is a brand style that has inspired and re-directed the entire industry and is often used as a case study in creative meetings of competitors: ''Please give us more of that M.Residence look and feel!!'' are words that have been repeated around the market.

Committed to our mission statement, we are working daily on elevating the real estate experience and the profession, with pioneering world-class marketing, design and technology. 

M. Residence will continue to disrupt the entire real estate industry over the next one year - and beyond as the biggest idea in real estate. Today we celebrate our successful Third year and we definitely look forward to a bright future.

Cheers to a new and prosperous year ahead!!!

Happy Third Year Anniversary!

Until Next Time,



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