Google VS Alexa, The Ultimate Battle

Jun 10, 2019

Face to face, voice to voice, voice is the new search. Which digital assistant must you choose? Google or Alexa?

Firstly, Google has been deemed as the “smarter” device from the two. It is easier, precise and more intelligent. Many IT technicians have said that it is able to follow quite advanced instructions about specific tasks, such as, when are taxes due. Not to mention its naturalistic tone, and high quality sound. Though, despite its many positives, Google has less availability and is quite complicated for a home owner to use.

On the other hand, Alexa is more able to support a larger range of home devices, such as, light systems and kitchens, and has better smart home integration which gives home owners the chance to set up a modern house. If you are setting up a contemporary home, Alexa seems the best way to go.

Here at M.Residence we strive to provide a smarter consumer experience. For us, Alexa seems to check all of the boxes. Its effective use and quick connection to all your home appliances seem to overrule all the positives that Google comes with. So, choose an Alexa for a new and pleasant living.

However, there is only one thing that both Google and Alexa can’t do… and that is, to know home values. And that is where we come in and act as the best and most intelligent platform for real estate market.

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