Estate Agency is changing and those changing it are Growing!

Mar 5, 2018

Looking Forward for Mondays?          

We have begun our 2018 expansion project with the recruitment of the industry’s top agents, broadening our reach across the country. 

Nikolas Michalias: ‘’Within 24 hours an M. Residence agent has a solid digital presence, with all the necessary tools to actually market and transact.’’

What’s Different?

Technology has evolved, but most agencies have not adapted yet and feel stuck in the past. With M. Residence, building your real estate business is easier & more cost-effective. We give you the necessary tools you need to succeed, a high commission split and freedom to enjoy that success.

Why People Join us?

 “I am a mobile person and I enjoy my flexibility to work from my home virtual office.”

‘’The mobile tech helps me stand out from other agency’s and communicate better with my clients.”

‘If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far you have to joined M.R.

 “I like the café-style office environment, the innovative spirit and out of the box branding. ‘’

You ‘re the Brand!

 We are building the modern real estate Agency; and all we need is you….

 Because you ‘re the Brand NOT the company.

 Join the Future: 

 Be a Part of M Now: [email protected]  


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